Brandon, age 16, is a talkative, creative young man who excels at both math and art.

He enjoys card games, swimming, playing outside, video games, Legos and making artwork.

Brandon enjoys farms and would love to live in the country or help with animals.

Brandon is doing great academically and works on staying focused with occasional prompts. Brandon’s DHS worker will consider adoptive families from Iowa and other states. Brandon would do best in a smoke-free home with two parents or a single male parent. Brandon should be the youngest child in his adoptive home. In the past, he had to take care of his younger siblings, and he would like a break from this role.

Brandon would love to be adopted by a family with older brothers  he could look up to as positive role models. Brandon’s potential adoptive family should have patience, a willingness to talk with Brandon and follow through to meet his needs through therapy services. Brandon will need reminders to be accountable for his actions, manage anger and take time outs when needed.

Brandon values relationships, and he needs to continue his relationships with his brothers and his grandparents.

Most of all, this artistic young man needs a great family to help him paint a bright future.

Could you be the one to provide a loving, forever home for Brandon?