Evan, age 9


If there's a pool or a bike path nearby, 9 1/2 year-old Evan is a happy guy. This sweet and loving child has a lot of energy and curiosity, and he loves to go swimming, ride bikes, and play at the park.


At school, Evan excels at math and science. He's a computer whiz, and he can often be found playing computer games. He utilizes an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to help him stay focused and on track with his studies.


A two-parent household in Iowa would be best for Evan, as maintaining a relationship with his sister is important to him. Evan would do well with or without additional siblings in his new home. Parents who are committed, empathetic, patient, and understanding of Evan's history of trauma will help him cope with the transition to a new structure and environment. Ideal parents will have experience with children with high energy and special needs. Evan benefits from ongoing services, and it is important he is able to maintain access to services.


Evan is ready and waiting for the chance to soar. A backyard to play in, parents who will tuck him in at night, a bike to ride in the driveway. Will you be the family that welcomes Evan into your hearts and gives him a place to call home?